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Efficiency as a matter of principle

We are a company founded by medical and pharmaceutical professionals, focused on the development and production of nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

We have more than 20 years of experience in Spain, and we work and distribute in the international market too.

We manufacture under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP system, carrying out analytical studies of each batch with the corresponding quality certificate of the final product.

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At Narval Pharma we make all the information you may need to start an article about our products or information about the brand available to you.


We have put at your disposal several photos of all our products, but if you require personalized images, press releases or other customized materials, please contact our audiovisual department.


If you want to interview Dr. Santiago Vidal Mauriz, our founder, or a representative from the brand for your written or audiovisual media, please contact us.


Press and communication:
Liébana Vidal - lvidal@narvalpharma.com / 91 709 01 33
Audiovisual materials and advertising:
Berenice o Javier - NarvalPharma@Amimeibeat.com

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Sobre la crisis del COVID-19

Seguimos trabajando y comprometidos

Desde la declaración del estado de alarma, nuestro equipo hace teletrabajo.

Continuamos con nuestra actividad como proveedores de distribuidores de farmacias.

Nos comprometemos a mantener el abastecimiento y nuestro servicio de venta online, para que no te falte nada en tu establecimiento o en tu hogar.

¡Gracias por quedarte en casa y mucho ánimo!

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